Our community products offer support for more than 71,860 components and are designed to meet the needs of developers.

More flexibility for your developments

Discover our solutions for more flexibility in component deployment Our systems allow you to quickly and easily deploy a variety of components based on your needs – without additional licensing, either directly in the socket or via an adapter.

The system









Galep5M is the universal programmer for all types of programmable semiconductors with a total of 48 pins. Thanks to its USB 2.0 connector and its short programming time, it is ideally suited for development, service and mobile use.









Galep5D is used especially for production lines and demanding developments. Its modular concept offers up to 240 universal pins. The universal programmer can be used with both an Ethernet 10/100 connector and a USB 2.0 connector and supports all types of programmable semiconductors just like Galep5M. The system also scores points thanks to its speed.

GalepX Community Software

GalepX Community Software is available for download free of charge for Windows and Linux64 operating systems. It offers support for more than 71,860 components (as of 10/2021)

GalepX Production

GalepX Production offers more remote control options along with integration in production lines for use in manufacturing. Moreover, GalepX Production offers qualified component algorithms for in-circuit serial programming (ICSP). GalepX Production is licensed per production unit and runs in this state indefinitely.


Always have the latest updates available – maintenance licenses are used to maintain the software and algorithms.

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Do you require special components and adapters for your development work? We have a wide range of products to fit your Galep system.