Interchangeable Sets

Production of interchangeable sets

From mechanical design to electrical adaptation and integration of specific components - we produce your individual change set. With our specialized software tools, we are able to record and process the CNC and drilling data. In this way, specific project data is quickly turned into finished change sets to accommodate your assemblies.

Fast and reliable production

Our in-house production process ensures fast manufacturing with the highest quality standards. Extensive testing and durable mechanics lead to optimal results. The requirements of our customers are always in the foreground. With the help of the integration of components such as barcode scanners, cameras and sensor technology, we support your production task. Regardless of whether the board is contacted from above, below or both sides - careful cabling, detailed documentation and competent service help you keep track of everything.

Good to know:

Different interchangeable sets can often be used in the same base station. This keeps you flexible and allows you to save costs.

We produce interchangeable sets for our DPS20 system, our CABF system, as well as for your special requirements.


Barcode scanner

Traceability: Quality requirements in industrial production are high and time is short. With our barcode scanners, we help you ensure the traceability of your components. Of course, our production software GalepX is prepared for the project-specific integration of the scanners to offer you a smooth process. Compared to conventional barcode scanners we use a in-house development, which convinces by its extremely compact design. This enables us to place a large number of scanners in your fixture.

Board Presence Sensor

Not every production task corresponds to the standard. With our many years of experience in electronics development and production, we also implement unusual tasks for you. By integrating sensor technology and special test modules, we can realize additional functions besides programming. This includes for example:

  • Position control of the boards
  • Optical status indication by light modules
  • Intelligent test functions

Counter FXC1

Our exchange sets are supplied with an integrated counter module if required so that you always have the service intervals in view. On request, we offer you the option of making the cycles available via software connection. This allows you to conveniently manage the service intervals of several exchange sets on your PC.

Marker motor CM12/24

Scribe markers are a cost-effective way to mark programmed boards. Of course, they are also part of our production standard and can be placed on your fixture. This way you keep an overview of your production processes. 

Indication Light

Light modules allow the states of the programming station to be displayed better and problems to be detected more intuitively. By implementing the Conitec Indication Lights you increase the quality of your production and simplify the operation of the production line.

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