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Algorithm development

We develop the algorithm for your flash process. Using our expertise, we transfer your data safely and efficiently to the relevant component.  In doing so, we make sure to keep programming times as low as possible to advance your production.

Do you have questions about your programming algorithm? Then use the checklist for efficient communication with our engineers.

Board Integration Service

Due to our many years of experience in dealing with flash systems, we are able to offer a successful fixture integration for your PCB. Our Board Integration Service includes the electrical integration of your PCB in the Conitec Fixture. This includes the electrical power concept, the setup of the GXB project in the GalepX software and a detailed documentation of the wiring of the fixture.


The GalepX scripting language makes it easy to integrate GALEP programming systems into production lines for batch manufacturing. Any number of GALEP devices can be combined in one programming system, controlled by PLC signals or via LAN connection. The scripting language allows easy creation of user-defined or customized user interfaces. Thus, automation tasks can be solved quickly and efficiently using the GalepX software.

MES connection

The connection to MES systems has become standard in today's production. Of course, our GalepX software has the capabilities to connect the Conitec production station to your MES system. Whether test stand, LabVIEW or ITAC - through the Conitec software we can meet versatile requirements.

Technical advice

Do you need a specialized flash solution? Then contact us! Our engineers are available to advise you and work with you to develop your flash concept for integration in your production environment. In doing so, we can draw on know-how gained from more than 30 years of experience in programming components to achieve the best possible result for you.

Training and support

Even after the purchase, we will continue to support you with confidence. With our individually tailored training materials, we enable your employees to familiarize themselves quickly and comprehensively. In addition, we will be happy to support you personally  with training courses at your production site.

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