GalepX Software

With the help of our GalepX software, you control one or more Galep programmers from your PC. The GalepX scripting language makes it easy to integrate GALEP programming systems into production lines for batch manufacturing. Any number of GALEP devices can be combined in a flash system, controlled by PLC signals or via LAN-TCP/IP. The scripting language allows easy creation of user-defined or customized user interfaces. Thus, automation tasks can be solved quickly and efficiently with the help of the GalepX software. Decide for yourself which scope of services best suits your requirements:



GalepX Production

GalepX Community

Integration and operation of multiple Galeps

Qualified and signed algorithms*


Board Integration Service*


MES integration prepared*


Integration of automations prepared*


Defined reports according to your specifications


Headless operation (operation possible without display)


Customer-specific interfaces prepared by script development*



Community Support

* Additional costs may apply for these  services.

**After the license expires, all functions remain available. Update and support only with valid license.