Fully automatic inline flash system

The CABF-H1-DUAL represents an innovative solution for the mechanical adaptation of PCBs with low space requirements for Industry 4.0. The unit of fully automatic drawer with hold-down system in combination with the active fixture together form a production nest. A CABF module contains two nests that can be fitted with PCBs independently of each other - all as a standard 19" rack.

Individual solutions for your production

Thanks to the modular design and complete automation capability of the CABF system, we can quickly design the right solution for your production task. The scalability allows optimal adaptation to your cycle time and at the same time ensures redundancy. With the help of a robot for automatic assembly of the CABF modules, you avoid errors and reduce personnel costs.

The active fixtures are produced in-house according to your requirements. Whether PCB detection, scribe markers or barcode scanners - thanks to our many years of experience in the production of interchangeable fixtures, we can fulfil even the most unusual tasks for you.

Keep control

With the help of the CABF controller software, you are able to conveniently control the various production nests. The system is supplemented by the connection of the GalepX production software, with which you can flash several components simultaneously.

Your advantages:

  • Complete automation of the system
  • Connection options to your production system
  • Efficient process integration due to the modular design
  • Low personnel costs
  • Extensive training and service by Conitec employees

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