Desktop flash system

Our desktop programming station DPS20+ is able to flash all kinds of on-board components in series and mass production. Equipped with the proven in-circuit universal programmers Galep5ICSP up to 20 components like MCUs or Flashs  can be programmed simultaneously. It does not matter whether you want to program several components on one board or several boards. Due to the standardized 19-inch format of the components, we can quickly and efficiently adapt the programming station to your needs.

With the help of the GalepX software, the entire project is set and managed. Benefit from the holistic approach, intuitive operation and years of experience of our software engineers.

Through close cooperation, we integrate the DPS20+ into your production process. Whether SAP, ITAC or test stand - we are also happy to implement the connection to your Manufacturing Execution System for you.

Due to our in-house production and the intelligent design of our fixtures, we can meet any requirement. The integration of barcode scanners, cameras or other sensors is already standard in our product range. Since different fixtures can be used with the same DPS20+ base station, you gain flexibility and save costs.

Your advantages:

  • Lean, cost-effective solution for series production in medium and large quantities
  • Shorter programming time due to simultaneous programming of several boards
  • Components are programmed just-in-time No stock-keeping of pre-programmed components
  • New software versions do not require reprogramming or disposal of pre-programmed components
  • No risk of temperature-induced data loss during the soldering process, especially with flash components
  • Components can be tested and calibrated directly on the PCB


Download datasheet

DatasheetDPS20.pdf (235.0 KiB)

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