Data security and the ability to reliably and precisely program components are paramount in today’s aerospace industry. Programming specifications are predetermined by the component manufacturers and must be documented. This is why our algorithms go through various development phases. We collaborate closely with chip manufacturers to deliver reliable programming results and meticulously adhere to quality standards.


All data is stored in our company and receives special protection against access by third parties. We deliberately refrain from using third-party cloud solutions. Our data security concept is a secure basis for collaborating with our customers and confidentiality is a matter of course for us.

Your advantages

Take advantage of 25 years of experience

We are able to draw on 25 years of production experience and have a well-coordinated team for solving planning and manufacturing tasks. We also have a powerful network and work with reliable cooperation partners.

Make algorithms transparent

Our development management makes developing component algorithms transparent with meticulous documentation.

Meet special requirements

Conitec has mastered a wide range of technologies to quickly and flexibly handle special requirements. We use 3D printing, laser machining and CNC milling. Moreover, we quickly implement new technologies for you in collaboration with specialized partners. We benefit from our wealth of experience in handling special types of boards and ensure reliable mechanical adaptation of your assemblies.

Support for old and new components

Whether innovative, high-tech parts or older components, many of which have challenging electrical parameters, our Galep system keeps you flexible and gives you a firm command of a variety of components.

Easily integrate extensions

Defined interfaces make it easy to connect to existing solutions such as ITAC along with a variety of other products in your process. GalepX software enables you to control your production equipment remotely, so you can quickly integrate products like ICT, SPS and PLCs. You can also easily accommodate new solutions: A 19'' rack is usually all that’s needed to implement complex flash tasks.

Benefit from reliability

Our products are powerful, reliable and have a long service life. Our support and maintenance offers help ensure your production always functions reliably.


  • GalepX Community
    immediately available algorithms

  • GalepX Production
    with certified algorithms

  • Galep5M and Galep5D
    universal programmers for development support

  • DPS20
    for medium and large series production


  • Development of special assemblies
    for contacting as well as fixtures and conversion kits and for mechanical handling

  • Creation of software
    to connect MES systems for traceability as well as barcode scanners and more


Ensure safe, secure, efficient and reliable production.