As an automotive supplier, you understand the value of quick and easy communication within your complex production chain, even with a wide range of production equipment. The automotive sector is also continuously evolving, making reliable data exchange between development and production even more important to you. You must ensure that new developments can be deployed as quickly as possible. This is the only way to guarantee even the tightest delivery schedules.


We support automotive suppliers with products and solutions that ensure fast, efficient, fully automatic and secure production lines.

Your advantages

Easily implement developments

Our system comprising GalepX software and Galep programmers ensures the same devices are used in both development and production. This helps you avoid difficulties when exchanging data. New developments can be transferred directly to production, making them much faster to implement.

Respond quickly to new tasks

Our systems enable you to respond quickly to short-term flash tasks and implement them immediately. Our GalepX production software is fully writable, including on site in your organization if needed.

Easily integrate extensions

Defined interfaces make it easy to connect to existing solutions such as ITAC along with a variety of other products in your process. GalepX software enables you to control your production equipment remotely, so you can quickly integrate products like ICT, SPS and PLCs. You can also easily accommodate new solutions: A 19'' rack is usually all that’s needed to implement complex flash tasks.

Benefit from reliability

Our products are powerful, reliable and have a long service life. Our support and maintenance offers help ensure your production always functions reliably.


  • DPS20
    for semi-automatic series production

  • APS19
    for fully automatic series production on the production line

  • GalepX Production
    for high-performance control of all flash channels and integrations

  • DVC2
    for controlling buttons, actuators and other peripherals

  • Galep5 ICSP in conjunction with GearHead
    your easy-to-integrate flash solution 


  • Board integration service
    schematic analysis, test point verification, adaptation, implementation

  • Conversion kit/fixture development
    planning and production of complete fixtures for board mounting and adaptation

  • Integration of customer requirements
    such as barcode scanners, scoring motors and much more

  • GalepX software extension
    to complete your programming tasks

  • Software and algorithm development
    to meet your requirements

  • Maintenance and training
    for reliable operation

Accelerate your production

We are happy to discuss your current challenges and optimize your production line with the right programming systems for you.