Elevators and escalators must function reliably and malfunctions must be rectified quickly. Imagine your service personnel performing firmware updates, maintenance tasks and repairs directly on site. We offer you compact, handy and robust programmers specifically for this purpose.


Our solutions are intuitive to use, reliable and durable. This ensures high satisfaction rates among programmer operating personnel. We introduce them to the most important functions and are available to offer support. Other devices and versions feature similar builds, which saves you money on training.

Your advantages

Easy to operate on the go

The Galep5M is a handy, mobile programmer for use on the go. In addition, GalepX Community Software is available for Windows Linux64, allowing you to flexibly deploy it on mobile service PCs and notebooks.

Use training efficiently

We offer on-site training with accompanying documentation to provide your personnel with sustainable briefings. Our programmers and software all feature the same handling, thereby reducing the need for additional training. Providing an intuitive user interface is our top priority. However, our team will respond quickly to any questions about the product or its operation.

Support for more than 71,680 components

GalepX Community Software supports a broad spectrum of freely available components. The software offers everything you need for flashes, MCUs, EEProms and more.

Benefit from reliability

Our products are powerful, reliable and have a long service life. Our support offers help ensure your service is always available.


  • GalepX Community
    universal software with support for up to 71,860 components

  • Galep5M
    handy, mobile universal programmer with all the features you need for service use


  • Implementation of special components
    rapid deployment

  • Training and support
    training material for sustainable use, rapid responses to questions


Tap the full potential of your service with our mobile programming systems.