Flashing innovative electronic components is a challenge due to their novelty and precise specifications. At the same time, you need a unified environment in order to reliably flash your smart home firmware from the design stage all the way to series production. This requires extreme flexibility and a close link between development and production for your programming solutions. And this is exactly what our systems offer you.


Considering all of the information that is transmitted in smart home systems, customers want security and the best possible protection for their data. This is why you rely on dependable systems that ensure this data is exchanged securely. By the way: Data protection is our top priority. All data is stored in our company and receives special protection against access by third parties.

Your advantages

Quickly integrate new features

We rapidly deploy new components for use in your high-tech developments.

Easily implement developments

Our system comprising GalepX software and Galep programmers ensures the same devices are used in both development and production. This helps you avoid difficulties when exchanging data. New developments can be transferred directly to production, making them much faster to implement.

Accelerate production

We help our customers accelerate production processes with efficient component programming. We take cycle times into account as early as the design stage in order to develop the right solutions for these tasks.

Meet special requirements

We benefit from our wealth of experience in handling special types of boards and ensure reliable mechanical adaptation of your assemblies.

Use individual algorithms

We develop special algorithms for programming automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) that fit your product and production line requirements.


  • GalepX Community
    immediately available algorithms for development

  • GalepX Production
    with certified algorithms

  • Galep5M and Galep5D
    universal programmers for development support

  • DPS20
    for pre-series production


  • Maintenance and training
    for reliable operation


Take advantage of our flexible programming solutions.